Gourmet Palm Sugar


Arenga Sugar
/Gula Aren/Gula Melaka

Ingredients: 100% Arenga Sugar –
Arenga Pinnata Mer Organic
Origin: West Java, Sulawesi

Application: Usually for “Kopi susu”,
Cafe latte, or Dessert.

Kemasan plastik pouch 500gr – 1 box isi 20pcs (10kg)

Coconut Sugar

Ingredients: 100% Coconut Sugar –
Cocos nucifera organic
Origin: West Java, Sulawesi

Application: Usually for Black
Coffee, cane sugar replacement.

Kemasan plastik pouch 250gr – 1 box isi 12pcs (3kg)

Chocolate Coconut Sugar

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar –
Cacao powder, Milk powder
Origin: Central Java, East Java

Form: Powder
For toppings
bread, oatmeal, dessert.
Melted for pancake syrup.

“We do not add flavoring or coloring. As any
other natural products, there might be 10%
variation in the color & taste”

Kemasan plastik pouch 90gr – 1 box isi 24pcs

Cocodeli Kusuka Gak lebay, tapi cocok sprinkle ini menurutku enak banget buat roti atau makan alpukat. Manisnya pas dan berasa banget coklatnya padahal aku taburin cuma sedikit.

December 12, 2017

Its surprisingly really gooood

Nurdila Rahmayani February 13, 2018

Super Yummy Cocodeli! I’ve got a sweet tooth and i used to eat a lot of sweets, Now i feel quality so I’ve been trying to eat more healthily, homever, I sometimes miss my indulgence like chocolate. Cocodeli has come to the rescure! It tastes so good! Uaually sprinkle it on my toast! Idon’t feel guilty anymore because I know Cocodeli is supre healty without any preservative and artificial sweetener.

Tiara Cita Maharani February 23, 2018

Best match sama roti tawar Jadi seneng banget makan roti tawar kalo ada cocodeli ini

Karnia Nur Aulia February 12, 2019